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Admission Information


Once your pregnancy has been confirmed and you have arranged an appointment with an obstetrician, please fill in our online admission form. You will receive an automatic email reply to confirm that your online registration has been received.

If booking directly through your Obstetrician

Please ensure admission paperwork is returned to the hospital with a copy of your antenatal card as soon as possible.  To secure your booking, it is advised you return your booking forms within two weeks of receiving them.  For any questions or queries regarding maternity bookings please email matbook.krp@ramsayhealth.com.au.

Alternatively you can contact our Maternity Bookings Coordinator on 02 9717 0226 for information on booking into the maternity unit between 9.00am – 2.00pm Monday to Friday.

Preadmission Appointment

Once you have sent your booking form to the Hospital, you should allow 2 weeks to hear from our Maternity Bookings Coordinator with confirmation of your booking. At this time you can also make a appointment for a complimentary Preadmission Interview conducted by an experienced midwife and book in for Antenatal classes.

To ensure we have your current medical and obstetric history we require you to provide a copy of your antenatal card. This can be obtained from your Obstetrician and brought to your Preadmission Interview with a midwife.

Private Health Insurance

Contact your private health fund who will confirm your level of cover and advise you if there is an excess or co-payment on your policy.

Previous Medical Treatment

If you have been receiving treatment elsewhere – especially outside Australia – please be sure to advise your specialist.


Childbirth & Parenting Classes

Here at Kareena Private, we offer a number of programs for parents to be. For more detailed information please see Our Childbirth & Parenting Programs page.

What to bring into hospital

For Mum

  • Your health insurance details (if applicable)
  • Your antenatal card
  • Two packets of sanitary pads – 1 maternity/1 regular
  • One packet of breastfeeding (nursing) pads
  • Casual wear for day time and to go home in
  • Nightwear – preferably front opening for easier access whilst breastfeeding.
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers/comfortable shoes
  • Bras (nursing bras if breastfeeding)
  • Toiletries
  • Plenty of underwear – old or disposable
  • Socks
  • Old Oversized shirt/ nightwear/ t-shirt to wear in labour (hospital gowns are available).
  • You will also receive a ‘Welcome Pack’ which will contain samples of nappies, wipes, baby products etc after your baby is born.

For Baby

  • Bonnet and Booties (for baby to use while in hospital)
  • Full Set of Clothes and wrap to go home

Other Suggestions

  • For your support person – swim wear for use in the shower
  • Lanolin or Lip Balm
  • Favourite Pillow
  • Camera
  • IPOD / MP3
  • Address/ Phone Book

Your expected length of stay

Length of stay is determined of type of delivery and the time of admission. Please speak with your midwife on admission for an estimated length of stay.

Birth Suite Policy for Visitors and Support People

It is the policy of this hospital and the Obstetrician that up to two support people be with you during the labour and birth of your baby. If you wish to have more than this number, please discuss the matter with your doctor.

Also, please be aware that anyone other than your husband/ partner may be asked to leave the birth suite if the circumstances of your care make this necessary.

Giving birth is a beautiful and happy experience for you and your family. However, we know that it is also very exhausting. Therefore, in the interest of the mother’s well being we ask that visitors to the birth suite immediately after the birth, be limited to grandparents and siblings.

When you arrive at Kareena Private Hospital

Prior to your coming to the hospital, please ensure that you telephone the Birthing Suite staff on 02 97170118 to notify them of your imminent arrival. Admittance to Kareena Private Hospital can be gained by using the main entrance. After 10.00pm please use the intercom to the right of the main entrance - press it and assistance will be available.

Important information for your stay

Valuables - We encourage you to leave anything of value, such as jewellery, at home. Kareena Private Hospital is unable to accept responsibility for the loss of valuables or money.

Film equipment in Birth Suite and the Operating Theatre - See information on film equipment in birth suite and the operating theatre.

Mobile Phones - Mobile phones can interfere with electronic medical equipment so we ask that you consult with ward staff prior to using them within the hospital complex.

Medication - Please bring all current medications with you. These will be stored in your bedside cabinet during your stay for your personal use.

Smoke-Free Environment - We ask all patients and visitors to respect our smoke-free policy whilst within the hospital complex and grounds.

Postnatal care - helping you care for your baby

During your stay you will be guided by our midwives in baby bathing, dressing and settling techniques. Midwives will assist and support you in establishing the feeding method of your choice for your baby. Extra support is also provided by our lactation specialists.

Visiting Hours

We recognise that your family and friends are very excited about the new arrival and they provide valuable support for you and your partner. Our visiting hours are between 2pm - 4pm and 7pm - 8pm. We ask that you inform your visitors of these times and encourage them to visit during these times as you will want to attend education classes, establish feeding and rest.

Special Care Nursery

Kareena Private Hospital provides you with the reassurance that should your baby require intensive care support, a specially equipped Special Care Nursery is available. In the event of a baby being born prematurely or very ill, transfer to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit can be effected without delay. Please contact your health fund provider to confirm your level of cover for your baby if the Special Care Nursery is required during your admission.

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