Kareena Private Hospital
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Kareena Private Hospital History

Constructed in 1964 by a local surgeon Dr Harry Segal, the hospital was initially built as a highset building and was one of the first purpose built private surgical hospitals.

The first stage on the top floor consisted a 33 bed ward, operating theatres for major and minor surgery, kitchen and support service. The second stage of construction under this level included a further 44 beds on the ground floor. This work commenced within only six months of completion of the initial works and due to some clever planning, was able to be completed without impacting on the hospital functioning above.

Over the years the hospital has been upgraded and expanded to meet the needs of the Sutherland Shire community and now boats a range of specialities and services. 2011 saw the completion of Stage 1a of the new development with the addition of an Endoscopy Procedural Room, a new Operating Theatre, Rehabilitation Gym and Hydrotherapy pool.

Kareena Private continued developments in 2012 with the expansion of the Rehabilitation Gym, and the redevelopment of the staff lunch room, conference room and courtyard. The Front Office area, Reception Desk and Lobby also received substantial renovations.

Kareena Private Hospital is owned by Ramsay Health Care Limited, a publicly-listed Australian company whose name is synonymous with quality in private health care.

Ramsay Health Care was founded in 1964 by Paul Ramsay and has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable providers of private hospital services in Australia, owning and operating hospitals in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia as well as Indonesia and the UK. Ramsay Health Care listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in September 1997.

Kareena is actively involved in the community, sponsoring local community events, services and charities. Additionally Kareena Private Hospital provides a range of community health promotion initiatives and events which form part of our annual community Events and Happenings Calendar.

History of Kareena Private hospital

Community Health Awareness programs

Community Health Awareness programs