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Staff Benefits

Kareena ‘Wellbeing And Balance’ Program

We all know the importance of ensuring there is balance in our lives.

At Kareena Private Hospital we have developed a Wellbeing and Balance program based on 5 key elements:

  • Family Balance
  • Personal wellbeing and development
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Safety
  • Community Involvement and Contributions

Just some of the ways we support our people in these areas include:

Family Balance – Tailored Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Self-rostering within clearly defined business rules – this enables staff to select shifts that suit their personal situation whilst also meeting the hospital's needs

  • Family friendly shorter shifts where possible

  • Guaranteed minimum hours arrangements – Staff needing flexibility are able to determine the minimum hours they wish to be available each week and the hospital agrees to guarantee these hours. Staff are able to pick up extra shifts by arrangement which can vary from week to week.

  • Family leave provisions and payments

Personal Wellbeing and Development

  • Recognition Toolkit – these toolkits provided managers with guidelines and suggestions together with range of recognition tools and rewards which they can provide to employees at their discretion.

  • The training needs of the organisation are reviewed annually and assessed by managers and every two years by staff. This information is then used as the basis for developing the comprehensive education program for the year. For more information go to Staff Development.

  • Specialist education evenings are conducted to maintain best practice outcomes for our patients.

  • Recognition of Contributions of Staff through:

    • International Nurses and Midwives Week celebrations:

    • Staff Appreciation Day

    • Years of Service Ceremony

  • Staff receive ongoing support for external education, conferences etc as part of annual education grants

Physical Wellbeing

  • Team Pedometer Challenge and team Fitness Challenges

  • Corporate sporting events – Sutherland to Surf, City to Surf, Triathlon Pink

  • Health promotion events

  • Blood pressure and blood glucose checks

  • Discount for staff hospitalisation

  • Discounted healthy meals available to all staff through our catering department

  • Ramsay Employee Benefits program which includes discounts to movies, restaurants, shops and home and vehicle services

Safe Workplace:

The hospital has a strong health and safety focus as demonstrated by:

  • dedicated health & safety manager
  • financial commitment to health and safety initiatives
  • implementation of proactive safety and return to work programs
  • significant reduction in lost time injuries
  • significant reduction in claims
  • recognition within Ramsay hospital group for best management of worker's compensation.
  • staff access to confidential counselling support through the Employee Assistance Program

Community Involvement & Contribution

  • Volunteers Week celebrations
  • General Practitioner's Education program
  • Community health promotion events organised by staff including:
    • Heart Week
    • Diabetes Week
    • Seniors week activities


Meals can be purchased at subsidised prices from the Catering Department. All meals provided at the hospital are prepared fresh on site and include hot and cold selections.

Alternatively, 'Hudsons' Coffee' offers a selection of fine coffee and tea and a variety of hot meals, gourmet sandwiches, tortes and gateaux.

Quality Improvement

All staff members are encouraged to actively participate in the continuous quality improvement of the Hospital services. Contribution of ideas for quality improvement can be done through department meetings and quality improvement projects or through the Hospital working parties and committees.

Patients are encouraged to evaluate our services and contribute their ideas on improvement opportunities through Patient Satisfaction Surveys conducted independently for the Hospital and through comment forms located in each patient room.

Social Events

The Hospital organises a variety of great events each year including events for the whole family. There is no membership fee. Information on the events is publicised throughout the hospital.

Click here to view the 2014 Events & Happenings Calendar.

Community Events

The Hospital has been an important part of the Sutherland Shire for over 45 years. Recognising the importance of being a strong community partner, Kareena Hospital and our people participate in key community events each year. Kareena Private Hospital hosted a Maternity Open Day in 2012 that welcomed 300 + visitors to meet the experienced midwifery team and view the maternity facilities at Kareena.

Private Health Insurance, Corporate Rates

Cheaper rates of private health insurance are available to new and existing staff at Kareena Private Hospital through the major private health funds.

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