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Allied Health

In keeping with Kareena Private Hospital's emphasis on multidisciplinary patient care, inpatient allied health services for entitled veterans and war widows are provided by a highly competent team of allied health professionals.

This team incorporates physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, occupational therapists, radiographers, speech pathologists and social work practitioners providing an extensive range of services to patients.

Breast Feeding Specialist Service

The hospital provides an excellent breast feeding service by Infant Feeding Specialist staff who are accredited by the International Breast Feeding Association. This service is provided to inpatients and also as an external service.


An onsite dietician is available to support, educate and guide you for your nutritional needs and works in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team at Kareena


The aim of the dispensary service is to deliver optimum dispensing services to both patients and staff of Kareena Private Hospital.

The services offered by Kareena Hospital Dispensary include:

  • Supplying pharmaceutical products to various hospital departments
  • Dispensing medication for inpatients
  • Providing medication information to patients and carers
  • Outpatient dispensing and medication counselling
  • Extemporaneous dispensing
  • Support and involvement in clinical trials
  • Presenting education sessions for patients and staff
  • Convening and participating in various hospital committees
  • Providing drug information for medical, nursing and allied health staff

Kareena Hospital Dispensary provides the best care for patients by delivering an efficient, integrated and cost-effective dispensing service. Since medication is a vital part of many procedures and medical treatments provided by the hospital, the logistics of medication supply is paramount.

Our clinical pharmacists ensure patients understand how to use their medications correctly. This is especially important for our patients who are being discharged with new or changed medications.

Orthopaedic Clinics

The orthopaedic Clinic is conducted weekly and expert clinicians are available on hand to answer any related questions and prepare you for your admission. Preparation for discharge planning also commences at this time

Special Veteran’s Services

Due to the special relationship between Ramsay Health Care and the Department of Veterans' Affairs, a number of unique multidisciplinary services have been developed at Kareena Private Hospital to cater for the special needs of entitled veterans and war widows.

In addition, there are a number of designated services specifically for veterans including the role of the DVA Nurse Co-ordinator.

Stoma Care

The stoma care nurse consultant is available for on site consultation for all patients requiring stoma care, support and education.

Volunteer Services

The Hospital Volunteer program provides a wonderful support to the patients and staff at Kareena Private Hospital. Volunteers perform tasks concerned with the well being of patients not covered by the duties of regular staff. The volunteers are a welcomed part of the staff teams that they work with.

The following information explains who can be a volunteer and details what you will need to know about being a volunteer at Kareena Private Hospital.

Hours of Duty
Volunteers are rostered for a minimum of three hours a week. Additional hours can be worked if desired.

Generally the shifts worked by volunteers are as follows:
9.30am – 12.30pm
12.00pm – 3.30pm

Role of the Volunteers
The volunteers work in several areas within the Hospital and their roles may include:

  • writing letters for patients
  • diversional activities
  • hand massage
  • reading and talking with patients
  • assisting with compiling patient information packs
  • arranging flowers
  • assisting patients with eating and exercise rehabilitation

We hope you will decide to join us. You will be most welcome and we can promise you many busy, happy hours.

For further information please contact us on (02) 9717 0322.



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