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How to Refer a Patient

A Directory of Visiting Medical Officers can be found here.

Ezi Access

GP's now have a new pathway to assist in their patients' admission process, known as Ezi Access Pathway.

When you are unable to make contact with a Kareena Specialist to arrange the acute admission of you patient then the NEW Ezi Access pathway will assist to facilitate the direct admission of medical patients. It is required that you have assessed the patients and they have a diagnosis which requires admission.

Direct admissions organised via a Kareena Specialist by yourself will remain unchanged.

In order to initiate an Ezi Access pathway, all you have to do is phone the Bed Manager on 9717 0182 who will obtain patient details and transfer you to the Senior Medical Officer who will ask you a series of questions about the patient. They will then liaise with a Kareena Specialist to accept the care of your patient. Once this confirmation is accepted, from the Kareena Specialist and a bed is available, the Bed Manager will liaise with you regarding admission protocols for patients.

If your patient is acutely unwell or unstable we recommend that you call 000 for an ambulance. This is essential in the case of chest pains or cardiac related issues.

Kareena Private Hospital will continue to have experienced medical support on site 24 hours a day. In addition we have recently engaged the services of Intensive Care Specialists to support our Level 1 Intensive Care Unit.

Ezi Access Protocol

Phone Ezi Access 9717 0182

Transferred to Bed Manager and SMO

In order to expedite the screening process thus ensuring your patient is assessed as quickly as possible, our risk assessment check will require you to answer a few questions. The more information you or your patient can provide, the faster we can arrange admission.

We will need:

  • Detailed history of the patient including;
    • Medications
    • Past medical history
    • Consultant determine
    • Infection status
    • DVA details
    • DOB
  • Private health insurance details. We can check the level of cover and advise the patient of any out-of-pocket expenses.

Please also fax through your patient assessment to 02 9526 1702.

Suitable Ezi Access Patients:

The Ezi-Access pathway is suitable for patients requiring hospitalisation for:

  • Management of diabetes;
  • Anaemia for investigation;
  • Mild heart failure;
  • Mild renal impairment (GFR>50);
  • Cellulitis;
  • Pneumonia.

Suitable Ezi Access Patients

Any patient who has the following condition/s would be excluded from the pathway:

  • Acutely unwell or unstable;
  • Chest pain;
  • Symptoms of acute appendicitis;
  • Diabetic Keto-acidosis;
  • Haematemesis;
  • PR bleeding;
  • Acute renal failure;
  • Psychosis.

Referrals to Rehabilitation

Endeavour ward is a 26 rehab unit that provides rehabilitative care for Orthopaedic, Reconditioning, Neurosurgery and musculoskeletal patients.

We currently have 3 accepting consultants and a great multidisciplinary team including nursing, allied health, speech pathology and dietician, all working together to provide fantastic outcomes for our patients. The rehab unit is opened Monday to Saturday with Sunday a dedicated rest day.

For Referrals to the unit please download the Rehabilitation Referral Form and fax completed form to 9526 1702. The Nursing Unit Manager can be contacted on 9717 2342 or the After Hours Manager can be contacted on 9717 0182 with all enquiries.

The Nurse Unit Manager will get in touch to inform you of the patient's acceptance to the Rehab program and to inform you when a bed becomes available.