Kareena Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Kareena Private Hospital is undergoing a major development to improve the services offered to the community.

During construction parking will be significantly impacted.

Drop off area
All patients are encouraged to be dropped off at the front reception of the hospital. This area is going to be staffed Monday-Friday to assist with traffic flow.

Visitor parking

Street parking
Be mindful of restricted parking areas and times.

Please be courteous to residents and do not park across driveways.

Tradies Gymea
Monday to Friday, visitors are encouraged to use the car parking available at Tradies Gymea.

The courtesy bus will run during the hours of 5am to 11pm. Please see the front reception for a copy of the timetable.

Tradies Gymea

The Sutherland Hospital
Paid parking is available in the The Sutherland Hospital grounds.

The Sutherland Hospital

If you have any questions please contact front reception, 02 9717 0000.

Online Admissions

Kareena Private has introduced online pre admissions forms which allow patients to fill in and submit their preadmission forms online in the comfort of their own home or office. Returning patients will be able to log in with their original password and username eliminating the need to fill in the entire form again.

Click here to read more about submitting pre admission forms online via a secure link.