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1300 Years of Nursing Expertise at Kareena

Sep 28, 2006

More than 80 staff of Kareena Private Hospital have clocked up a total of over 1300 years of combined service to the Hospital in September 2006.

Celebrations for the staff were held in the Hospital’s new Rehabilitation Gymnasium where staff were presented with service medals and special gifts.

Maxine Collier, who has been with the Hospital for over 36 years said Kareena was a great place to work.

“Kareena is a unique, friendly hospital. I have grown with the hospital as it has grown - I got engaged here, I got married here, had 3 babies who are now aged between 25 and 30 years,” said Ms Collier.

Loretta Neill and Kathleen Dellow who have each been with Kareena for 29 years each, have been part of Kareena's history and would remember the early days when the hospital was only two wards.

“Back in those days the owner of the land 'Fred Matson' painted the landscapes decorating the walls and did the gardening. Matson Courtyard is still a great place to relax. Fred's wife did all the mending of the gowns and the hospital owner Dr Harry and Pat Segal and their children, who were both doctors, also helped with the hospital administration.”

Kareena CEO Sue Panuccio said management was proud of all the staff who had been loyal to the Hospital for such a long time.

“In today’s climate, it is a special achievement to be able to keep staff loyal to one institution and organization. We are very proud of all our staff and the wealth of experience that they can offer to our patients,” Ms Panuccio said.

“We have seen entire families born and cared for at Kareena – it is a wonderful environment.

Sue Panuccio – 02 9717 0200