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Kareena Private Hospital Celebrates the Opening of their New Birthing Suites

Jul 10, 2018

Kareena Private Hospital celebrated the opening of their new birthing suites on Monday 26th March.

Special guests Glenn and Sara McGrath were in attendance to celebrate this event, Sara who gave birth to their daughter Madison at Kareena Private two and half years ago was amazed by the transformation the birthing suites have undergone.

Glenn McGrath stated “When Sara was here for Madison she thought it was one the greatest `hotels’ she had ever stayed at... but now this is just amazing!”. One attendee excitedly stated “These suites make me want another baby”. The night was a success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Eight couples who were attending their 32 week antenatal class were the lucky first to have a tour of the three new birthing suites. All of the couples were excited to see the new facilities which they will be using for the up-coming birth of their babies.

Each of the three refurbished birthing suites features;

  • K2 Wireless CTG Monitoring with Obstetricians accessing real time fetal monitoring information on their smart phones.
  • All of the equipment and furniture has been updated and refreshed, creating a modern and welcoming environment.
  • Each suite features a double lounge which converts to a fold out bed, allowing partners to rest.
  • Double headed showers and ergonomic exercise balls which can be utilised for natural pain relief.
  • Large TV screens with access to Foxtel, each patient is also provided free Wi-Fi access.
  • One birthing suite features an enormous bath, with enough room for mother and partner to fit in. Having this option available to our mothers during their birth means that mothers are able to use the water as a natural pain relief method.
Antenatal Group Tour
CEO, NUM, Sara and Glenn McGrath
Kareena Private Hospital Bath suite
Kareena Private Hospital Birthing suite