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Kareena Private to Introduce Paid Parking

Aug 28, 2012

Kareena Private will be forced to introduce parking fees for staff and visitor parking bays from the 1st of September, following on from Sutherland Hospitals recent parking fee increase.

Kareena Private has been advised that due to an increase in the charge at Sutherland Hospital for parking, Kareena is now liable for Fringe Benefits tax on the free car parks currently provided for their staff.

The new parking fees will be introduced on the 1st of September 2012, and will apply Monday- Sunday, 24 hours a day.

After careful consideration Kareena Private will introduce the following parking rates:

  • 0- 15 minutes free (designated parks at the front of the hospital in addition to the patient drop off area)
  • 15 min- 2 hours $4.00
  • 2 hours- 4 hours $6.00
  • 4 hours- 8 hours $10.00
  • Over 8 hours $16.00 (Also the maximum rate per day)
  • Lost ticket $16.00

Kareena will continue to offer the patient drop off zones to allow visitors and emergency services to drop off passengers directly to the door.

A pay station will be placed in the front reception area for ease of payment.

Parking will be monitored by a fulltime security guard from MJH Security.

Kareena Private has recently introduced the option to submit pre admission forms online, eliminating the need to physically drop booking in forms to Kareena. For more information on the online admission process please see the Kareena Private website www.kareenaprivate.com and following the Online Admission button.

Kareena has had significant pressures on their car parks for a number of years and the Kareena management team believes that a supervised system is the most efficient way to manage parking under the new imposed guidelines.

Kareena Private CEO, Steven Schultze said "We understand our car parking situation is likely to get more and more difficult into the future as we grow and expand into a bigger hospital but we have the best interest of our staff, patients and visitors in mind. It's an undesirable situation that has been forced onto us but we are working hard on new strategies to eliminate the number of visits our patients make before their admission- for example our online pre admissions booking system is proving very popular."