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Kareena Private to celebrate the largest ever Private Hospitals Week event

Apr 22, 2012

Next week Kareena Private will be one of 183 Australian private hospital facilities participating in Private Hospitals Week, Australia's largest simultaneous celebration of the private hospital sector.

"This year's Private Hospitals Week, which runs from Monday 26 March to Friday 30 March, provides an opportunity for private healthcare facilities to showcase what they do and to engage with their communities on a local level," said Michael Roff, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA).

"Many people do not realise that the private health system treats 40 per cent of all patients in Australia and more than 3.7 million patients each year, making it a crucial part of our overall health system. Private Hospitals Week gives hospitals a way to educate Australians about the range and types of services we offer," he added.

Sutherland Shire based Kareena Private Hospital will be hosting a range of events including a staff appreciation BBQ lunch to thank staff for their tireless work and invite the community to learn more about the services it offers.

We look forward to hosting a BBQ lunch for all our staff and showing the community why Private Hsopitals are a valued part of the healthcare system," said Steven Schultze, CEO of Kareena Private Hospital. "This gives us a chance to not only thank our staff for their efforts every day, but to also show our patients, their families and the wider community that we are here for them, whenever they need us".

Private Hospitals Week is part of the APHA's ongoing Valuing Private Hospitals Campaign which Mr Roff believes is crucial to helping Australians make more informed healthcare decisions.

"The fact is Australia's private hospitals do much more than many people realise," says Mr Roff. "Private hospitals offer 99% of the same treatments and procedures offered in public hospitals which is why events like Private Hospitals Week are so crucial to inform the public about the health services that are on offer and the choices they have.

"Private hospitals play a much greater part in Australia's overall health system than many people realise or give them credit for", he added "Private hospitals are an essential part of our Australian communities and deserve to be recognised for all the good work that they do."

2012 marks the third annual Private Hospitals Week and involves private health facilities in all states across Australia. For more information on the Valuing Private Hospitals Campaign, please see www.privatehospitals.org.au.