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Rehabilitation Gym and Hydro Pool at Kareena Private turns 1!

Mar 09, 2012

Kareena Private Hospital recently celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of their upgraded Rehabilitation Unit with a commemorative luncheon.

As part of the redevelopments at Kareena Private Hospital a hydrotherapy pool and fully equipped gymnasium with the inclusion of Day Patient Rehabilitation services was officially opened in March 2011.

The improved facilities have proven to significantly boost the health services in the Sutherland Shire and surrounding regions. The Rehabilitation Centre has attracted many new patients seeking high quality rehabilitation services in the year following its launch.

The state of the art rehabilitation services including a 10 metre hydrotherapy pool with an area for deep water therapy and a new dedicated gymnasium have successfully provided rehabilitation services for patients following orthopaedic and other surgeries as well as patients who are requiring reconditioning from other disabling conditions.

The new facilities also allowed Kareena Private to provide a Day Patient Rehabilitation program. This enabled a seamless transition from inpatient to outpatient therapy with resulting improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. The Day Patient Rehabilitation Program has been received well by patients at Kareena Private.

Steven Schultze, Kareena Private CEO said “ Kareena Private has been serving the Shire for over 45 years and has established a strong reputation for the provision of excellent surgical, medical and more recently rehabilitation care. When the Rehabilitation centre opened for patients in March 2011, the new facilities were a welcome addition to the hospital’s existing services. With an expanding and ageing population, we will be able to continue to meet the healthcare needs of the Sutherland Shire well into the future”.

Dr Philip Conroy, Rehabilitation Physician at Kareena Private said,” Research data demonstrates that early and more intense rehabilitation intervention is more effective and provides better patient outcomes.”

“Early intervention is only possible where the Rehabilitation Unit has the full access to a comprehensive medical and surgical service.  Acute treatment can continue whilst the patient is undergoing rehabilitation and any new medical issues are able to be managed effectively by supporting medical and surgical teams.”

The Rehabilitation Unit at Kareena Private Hospital has proved to be an enhanced and comprehensive service to the surrounding community and continues to strive to be the best Rehabilitation service in Sydney.