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Staff enjoy Financial Wellness Week at Kareena

Jul 09, 2012

As the end-of-financial-year, and the dreaded tax time closes in, Kareena Private recently held a Financial Wellness Week to promote financial wellness among their staff.

The Financial Wellness Week is part of a broader approach to promote employee health and wellbeing through the Wellness Program available for all staff which includes a range of initiatives to support staff health, personal development and community contribution.

Kareena Private started the week with a Financial Expo held in the conference room with exhibitors from Hesta Super Fund, Bupa, 50+, ME Bank, HIP Super, Credit Union Australia, SG Fleet, Pegasus and Lee’s Beauty.

ME Bank, and HIP Super and Pegasus all donated fantastic prizes for a lucky door giveaways.

The Wellness Program at Kareena recognises that workplaces can assist staff to attain a better balance between their career and personal life while the program is based on a holistic view of wellness within the workplace. Achieving balance in all areas, including finances is important to achieving optimal wellness. Kareena Private has a series of wellness services available to assist Kareena staff to achieve their financial goals.

Many staff enjoyed short financial seminars on a range of topics run by HIP Super, Hesta Super and SG Fleet, as well as one-on-one discussions with a financial planner throughout the Financial Wellness Week. Lee’s Beauty also offered complimentary mini massages which proved very popular!

Kareena Private will also run a Safe Working event later this year as part of the Wellness program for staff.

Financial week Financial week