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Fees & Charges

Kareena Private Hospital has negotiated agreements with all major health funds to ensure hospital charges are paid by the relevant fund. An excess or co-payment may form part of your contract with your health fund.

If you have been a member of your Health Fund for less than 12 months your fund may not accept liability for the costs of this admission eg. if your condition or any symptoms of your condition existed prior to your joining. If there is a question regarding pre-existing symptoms your health fund has the option to obtain details in this regard from your GP or specialist.

An excess payment applies to the first hospital visit in a calendar year and a co-payment applies each time you are admitted to the hospital. These are amounts that you have agreed to pay towards your hospital treatment expenses in return for lower membership fees. Excess payments must be fully paid before any benefit under your chosen level of health cover will be paid. Please contact your health fund in order to confirm the level of your private health insurance cover.

If you are not privately insured, you will be asked to pay the estimated cost of hospitalisation prior to admission. It is therefore necessary to contact our Maternity Admissions Officer for an estimate of fees and charges prior to your admission date. Payment may be made by cash, money order or credit card. Should you have any queries relating to accounts, please contact the hospital on.

The hospital charges for delivery suite, theatre, accommodation, physiotherapy and pharmaceuticals. Depending on your policy, your health insurer should cover all or a portion of these charges. Charges which your private health insurer may not cover include visitor/partner meals and telephone calls.

Other non-hospital related fees

The Paediatrician and Obstetrician’s fees are calculated on the Australian Medical Association guidelines.

Should you require an epidural analgesia, a spinal or general anaesthetic, the anaesthetist’s fees will be calculated in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Australian Medical Association and the Australian Society of Anaesthetists.

These fees are substantially higher than the rebate recommended by the Medicare Benefits schedule. Factors such as degree of difficulty, time of day, duration of service, travel time and urgency are taken into account. Fees will vary between practitioners but in most cases will be at a level recognised by accepted community standards.

Exact details regarding fees are available from the hospital or your obstetrician will be happy to assist you in providing you with cost estimates. Payment can be made by cash, personal cheque (up to $1000), bank cheque, credit card (except Diners and American Express) or eftpos (please check your daily withdrawal limits)

Fees and charges

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